Politicising Grenfell

Following the fire at Grenfell tower there exists a palpable, simmering outrage amongst the British public towards our sitting government. Calls for inquiries, for inquests, for justice and for change have rung out across the country. In response to the condemnation of the elected government tasked with protecting its citizens a handful of outlets have […]

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Trump is as Dangerous as it Gets, But We Must Not Romanticise The Past

Yesterday countless millions marched against Donald Trump’s ban directed at the citizens of seven Muslim majority countries from entering the United States. The world’s leaders have stayed silent for the most part, in doing so they stand by his side. It is not however the same story for their constituents; to see the unity with which we […]

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A Deal with the Devil

  It was likely never the intentions of Mr Cameron and Mrs May to cut funding to the welfare state, blame its inevitable collapse on ‘hordes’ of migrants so as to tease us with promises of a referendum in return for another four years of austerity and a blanket ban on Poles just to leave […]

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Moving Forward; On Brexit

Here we are. The Post-Brexit world, the birds are still singing, the pound has stuttered, Labour capitulates, it’s still raining and one Etonian PM looks set to be replaced by another. The divorce was bound to be one of anger and disbelief and we must offer a little grace to the bewildered 48% that woke […]

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On Brexit

Beyond the haze emitted by the economic forget-me-nots scattered over the referendum debate, amongst the empty and endless rhetoric being barked from one side of the fence to the other about tariffs, trade deficits and Norway there lies on either side a professed morality and charge of fear cushioning each bid. When we are weighed […]

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